We use to go camping all the time in our hot rods and tents. One weekend we ended up sleeping in a Challenger when we got rained on for the whole weekend. That was it, one guy bought a van, then I did, then another , then we found a flyer at the local van shop, way back in 76. Then one of our guys bought a pickup with a shell and shagged it out. At Van Canada in 1977 we became Van Clan Plus One. 27 years later, a few new members and we are still Vanning !!

 Oct 4, 2003 Van Clan +1, 25th Vanniversary and Fall Presidents Meeting at Guelph Lake Conservation Area, Ontario, party following the 3:00 meeting. Bring fishing poles and watercraft (no engines). Park rate is $23 per night for up to 6 people in two vehicles (so bring your old vanner friends too). We will be on the island pavillion & site 605.
For more info contact Doc: docvcpo@attglobal.net

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25 + 1 years of Van Clan +1 Pictures 

1977vancanada 1977vancanadacokepants 1978finalfling 1978finalflinga
1978vancanada 1979primrosesnow 1981indianlakes 1981midsummer
1981sandybayou 1981sandybayoua 1983midsummer 1983sandybayou
1986btob 1992tweedCanvannats 1996tweed 199927nats
1999natsjakemarcie 1999natspool 1999natstomdoug 200028nats
2001nat 2001nats 2001vanfestdoc 2002nats
2003badgirls party schnappback2basic2000 schnapps
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